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Maui Fire Relief

Our hearts are heavy from the recent disaster here on the island.  The devastation has affected 1000s.  The need is overwhelming.  Sometimes you don't even know where to help and who to help.  But we know that in the midst of this disaster, we cannot forget the children. 

Our Focus during these hard times

The need to provide help to the hurting people of Maui is immense.  I felt the Holy Spirit is leading us to focus on the children.

We at RFK will do our part to maintain our focus on the needs of the children, as they have suffered trauma.  We will also support Child Welfare Services by acquiring and delivering necessities to the families.  We are partnering with other Camp Directors to provide toys for the keiki.  The picture of the money is called Carlitos, "Be Brave" monkey ( is just one of the items we will distribute to the children.  And toys are also coming from Amazon.  If you would like to support our effort, please go to the DONATE page.   We will designate every penny to support the keiki. The link will redirect you to our sponsoring church.  Please designate your gift from the pull-down menu to Royal Family KIDS. 

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